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Solar-powered reefer trailers.
Pioneering solar technology for
commercial vehicles.
Solar goes mobile.
A technology with infinite possibilities.
Using the sun to keep cool
An innovati ve soluti on for cold chain logisti cs and retail

What a challenge: An impressive 600,000 or so reefer trailers are out and about on Europe’s roads, supplying fresh produce to customers in citi es, towns, and villages. They carry food, pharmaceuti cals, and other products that have to be transported long distances and kept at low temperatures – without fail. Interrupti ons in the cold chain logisti cs ulti mately lead to lost goods. The trailers therefore come equipped with their own chillers for when they are on the move; these are powered by generators that burn up to fi ve liters of diesel every hour. Just think about the costs, the emissions, and the noise.

The ti me has now come for a new, innovati ve soluti on to revoluti onize cold chain logisti cs in Europe and worldwide. Collaborati ng with some high-performing partners, neuber’s has developed a solar-powered reefer system that can handle the producti on, storage, and uti lizati on of energy in a cost-effi  cient way. This system has a patent pending and will be launched in its fi rst applicati ons in the second half of 2017. Make the most of this heads-up and switch to the benefi ts of green energy for your cold chain logisti cs at an early stage.
Solar-powered and safe – thanks to high-performance  solar cells equipped with G8 technology
Highly fl exible – based on energy tubes
Quiet – can be used 24/7, i.e., also for nightti  me delivery
Cost-eff ecti ve thanks to fuel savings and lower mainte nance costs
A highly effi  cient investment that pays off  in just a  few years
Solar-powered reefer trailers.
Innovati ve technology for commercial vehicles.
Sustainability. Solar-powered reefer trailers help the operator to meet its climate targets and shrink its local environmental footprint.

Mobility profi les. Many commercial mobility applicati ons provide an ideal basis for solar-powered reefer trailers from a technical perspective.

Cutti  ng costs. Their lower operati ng costs mean that solarpowered reefer trailers can be cheaper to run than similar conventi onal vehicles.

Image and brand. Rolling solar-powered reefer trailers help to emphasize a company’s approach to its customers, its stakeholders, and the general public
neuber’s has been acti ve in the fi eld of innovati ve solar applicati ons for several years now, focusing on generati ng energy by integrati ng the technology in hybrid materials. One highly promising avenue is the running of solar-powered reefer trailers, both ex works and as retrofits.

The new reefer trailer will be kitt ed out with highly efficient neuber’s solar cells. These transmit 93% of the energy generated by the solar power system into the reefer trailer’s batt eries, guaranteeing adequate day-to-day operati on over a 24-hour period. The soluti on will be fully integrated in the energy system, will compensate for any fluctuations in the output of conventi onal chillers, and will recharge the batt eries when the reefer system is offl  ine in the form of EnergyTubes. The benefi ts can be illustrated on several levels.
Solar goes mobile.
Innovative solar technology for commercial vehicles.
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